The Mad Bloody Mary
$ 75.00

This box has all of our favorite Bloody Mary ingredients, including our favorite mix, Salt & Smoke Bitters, Ghost Pepper Bitters, and a blend of spices to complete your Bloody Mary with a delicious rim.

We know that when it comes to Bloody Marys, the more garnishes the better. So we also provide you with garnishes, like blue cheese stuffed olives, or olives stuffed with garlic and jalapeno, and cocktail onions. You'll get cocktail picks, so you can pile on the garnishes a bit easier.

The Mad Mixologist Box includes the crystal highball glasses to properly house your Bloody before you're ready to devour it, and a wide reusable straw.

Finally, each box features fun facts about the beverage industry, helpful bartending tips and tricks, and cocktail recipe cards from our team of mixologists.